True marketing attribution is enabled by Albert, which allows offline sales to be tied to online marketing 

By integrating IRI based past sales and marketing performance data as the benchmark, Albert AI enables marketers to identify the increase in sales generated in physical stores by digital marketing  

Digital marketing started its tremendous growth in the 1990s on the promise that marketers would finally know which ad to serve which user and when to maximize sales. But due to changes in global privacy legislation like GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California (and state privacy laws in 10 other states), coupled with vendor-driven privacy changes from Apple and soon Google, 25 years later, marketers can no longer receive all the data and marketing signals from a consumer’s digital customer journey.  

Despite these privacy-driven changes in digital marketing, using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, marketers can better understand their campaign performance. Working with Albert AI, marketers are even able to attribute offline sales in physical stores to online campaigns, based on IRI data.

Be disciplined and consistent with your marketing data  

Given all of the data marketers now have at their disposal, the first rule of effective data management is to monitor the same streams of data over time across all targeted audience segments. If marketers focus their campaigns on a set and limited number of channels, when supported by detailed and continuous sales data, then they will be able to understand specifically which ads are generating the greatest sales lift and optimize performance by serving the top-performing ads.  

In fact, Albert AI is most effective when working with a disciplined marketer that has a treasure trove of data. Whereas humans can get lost when there’s too much data, Albert doesn’t have this problem. On the contrary: Albert’s best results are for Fortune 100 marketers because they’re data-rich and disciplined.  

Albert’s AI technology facilitates the optimization of campaign performance by analyzing results from among the creative variables submitted by the marketer including images, text, and videos. For example, Albert’s technology coupled with in-depth SKU IRI data can enable a marketer to understand that the video with the puppy dogs is more effective in Texas whereas the video set on a ski slope performs better in Vermont and Massachusetts. By providing Albert AI with a range of creative variables, the technology is able to assemble ads that generate the most cost-effective performance for selected target audiences and ad channels. And Albert is also able to determine when it’s time to refresh or change ad creative to ensure an optimal Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).  

For a leading CPG breakfast marketer, Albert AI was able to tie online advertising on the leading digital platforms with an offline increase in sales at physical supermarkets in specific markets across north America. This knowledge enabled the marketing team to optimize their marketing spend according to ad platforms and specific creative ad units. Albert AI is able to answer John Wanamaker’s famous question about not knowing which half of his advertising spend is wasted.  

By enabling marketers to understand which creative impacts sales, Albert AI serves not only marketers but the entire sales and product operations team. Albert AI data enables optimizing factory production schedules according to seasonality and other factors. This level of data is used to facilitate company production schedules that can maximize company sales and profitability.   

“Though Albert’s AI technology enables improving ad creative performance which results in a sales lift, our Fortune 100 clients are able to utilize the data to support operations and optimize factory production schedules to maximize sales and profitability,” said Sagi Weinberg, Albert AI’s Sales Director. “Beyond optimizing campaign performance, Albert provides real business accountability.”  

Albert’s technology leverages AI to create new ad variations that optimize campaign performance, from keyword, audience, platform, and device selection and bidding to creative optimization across search, social, display, and cross-channel. Albert assists marketers and agencies – from defining campaign strategies and messaging to the creation and optimization of ads across audience segments and platforms. By working 24/7 to continuously optimize campaign performance, Albert AI complements marketer and agency teams, giving them the insights to make them smarter as well as more efficient and effective.