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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing – Remove the Complexities of Modern Marketing.

Albert is the world’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Platform. Built from the ground up using AI he is a truly autonomous machine that requires little human manipulation and is able to execute seamlessly across all channels, including email, mobile, social, search and display. Albert removes the complexities of modern marketing by performing many of the time-consuming, manual tasks which humans are unable to perform at the speed and scale required for efficient and effective consumer interactions. Albert is busy continuously learning, maintaining constant optimization and analysis of your campaigns, answering questions you may never have thought to ask and freeing you up to focus on higher value problem solving.




Media Buying



Testing &


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Artificial Intelligence Marketing Benefits

Save Time & Money

Reduce or eliminate the manual tasks involved in digital cross-channel campaigning. Because Albert performs numerous tasks along the campaigning journey, you may also identify opportunities to simplify your technology stack.

Make More Accurate Investment Decisions

Because Albert’s mission is to hit your KPI in the most effective and efficient way possible – across all digital channels – he is programmed to do assisted channel (attribution) and marketing mix modeling on the fly. Marry the data in Albert with your offline data to get a more accurate and holistic view of where you should be making marketing investments.

Increase and Accelerate Revenue

Get to market quicker with your campaigns and identify new revenue generating opportunities you may not have previously thought to explore.

Add an unending repository of intelligence to your marketing

Because Albert was built utilizing artificial intelligence, he is constantly learning and getting smarter and smarter. He makes his learnings and insights available as he goes, so that you no longer have to perform analyses and extract insights yourself. As long as you have Albert on your team, he provides a layer of intelligence that has not previously been available to marketers.

Delight Customers with Unique, Individualized Experiences

Albert digests information at a pace and scale that allows marketers to truly deliver unique experiences throughout each customer’s journey with your brand.

Focus more time and energy on Higher-Value Problem Solving

Focus on Higher Value Problem Solving All marketers are storytellers at heart. Albert empowers marketers to focus more of their time and energy on things such as strategy, messaging and creative while he handles the execution.

How Albert Does It

Albert was built with Artificial Intelligence in his core, incorporating predictive analytics, machine-learning, control systems and feedback, natural language processing, and other proprietary algorithms – to provide marketers with a self-driving solution for cross-channel (both paid and nonpaid) campaign execution, testing, optimization, analysis, and insights.

Albert becomes more intelligent as the software learns and grows with your business, creating digital marketing interactions unassisted, using the results of multivariate tests and deep-level analysis to make better decisions moving forward. That means that the campaigning process is handled automatically on every channel and device, every step of the way.

Customer Results


Increase in leads


Lift in ROI


Increase in Conversions


Decrease in ECPA


Increase in Customer Transactions

Don’t just take it from us, take it from our customers!

“Albert is a truly revolutionary technology. We immediately saw results upon launch and now trust Albert to make critical campaign decisions. There are other AI companies, but it’s important to distinguish between those that just offer insights and those that actually execute.“

Marketing Director at Cosabella

“We set our awareness goals for the campaign based on prior benchmarks. Within the first week of the campaign everything was accelerating and within the first 5-6, we had reached our original goal. It’s clear that AI and Albert can help businesses, particularly challenger brands, accelerate growth at a pace and scale previously unattainable with other vendors, agencies and solutions.”

Efigenio De Castro II
Head of Marketing, Dole Philippines

“What we’re finding is that he’s (Albert’s) able to work from the top of the funnel to the bottom and join those dots, which has allowed us to achieve unbelievable ROAS. We don’t know where the ceiling is, and we can’t wait to see how Albert can continue to accelerate and amplify our efforts.”

Naomi Simson Co-Founder of Big Red Group

“Albert helps us keep a strategic mindset and approach to our paid digital advertising efforts while simultaneously delivering results. We used to get caught up in the minutiae of the data, but our job now is more about understanding what he needs to be successful — be it more budget, more creative, or learning about the new audiences he has discovered. Moving away from the tactical to the strategic was an adjustment, but it’s a necessary one if you want to realize the benefits AI can deliver.”

Heidi Maund eCommerce Director at The Natori Company

“Generali Global Assistance has a small digital marketing team. Albert improved our efficiency in executing and measuring campaigns across multi channels via AI. It would have been difficult to achieve the volume of campaigns in the diversity of digital channels in such a short period of time without Albert’s optimization algorithm on our side.”

Tiffany Glass Head of Ecommerce at Generali Global Assistance

Why We Are Unique


Everything that Albert does and every decision he takes is accessible to you via the platform at all times. We want to ensure you are comfortable with this new approach.


We have a no bullshit approach. We want to break down current norms and the complexities of modern marketing as we don’t believe they serve marketers any longer.

Smarter than Smart

We have some of the brightest minds in the world working for us – people with biology, neuroscience, cyber-security degrees amongst others.

Beyond Innovative

More than 60% of our staff is dedicated to technology innovation.

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