Albert.AI improves YouTube ROI by 16.3% for a leading CPG marketer.

CPG breakfast food marketer uses Albert’s AI technology which continuously optimizes audience performance and shifts ad spend as audience segment performance changes, to maximize advertising ROI

Despite the challenges marketers face due to the loss of targeting data, marketers can still rely on their own self-defined audience targeting segments to improve campaign performance by utilizing AI technology, according to the results for a leading CPG.

Albert AI improved Return On Investment (ROI) by 16.3% on YouTube for a leading CPG marketer over a 12-months period by continuously optimizing campaign performance across a broad range of audience segments.

To achieve improved ROI, Albert continuously analyzes the performance of the various affinity audience segments (Google ads targeting audiences based on people’s interests). Examples of affinity audience segments include Frequently Eats Breakfast Out, Sports Game Fans and Thrill Seekers. By targeting all relevant affinity audiences and continuously analyzing performance, Albert recommended shifting ad budgets as ad performance changed. The combination of starting broad and continuous optimization resulted in an improved campaign ROI.

Analyzing tens of affinity audience segments to uncover ad performance shifts as they happen according to product SKU and location is only possible by using AI technology. When Albert detects a shift in performance, ad spend is shifted instantly to the affinity audiences performing better, resulting in a better marketer ROI.

A second optimization tactic that was effective for this CPG marketer was retargeting. The re-engagement of users who had previously clicked on and engaged with an ad from said marketer was a targeting segment that delivered a strong ROI.

Finally, like most marketers, this CPG marketer is asking users to provide first-party data, which users provide as part of the value exchange for the benefits of customer loyalty programs. The use of first-party data in conjunction with Albert was highly effective, further improving campaign ROI for this CPG marketer.

“The privacy changes that the ad industry is going through do not mean that audience targeting is dead. Far from it. AI solutions like Albert use technology to successfully target users in a privacy-compliant manner,” said Yair Yaskerovitch, COO, Albert AI/Zoomd. “Even when working with the leading platforms with access to a treasure trove of first-party user data, Albert AI technology is able to deliver a significant improvement in ROI.”

Albert’s technology leverages AI to find new audience segments to optimize campaign performance according to creative, keywords, platforms, and device selection and bidding, to maximize marketer KPIs across search, social, display, and cross-channel. Albert assists marketers and agencies – from defining campaign strategies and messaging to the creation and optimization of audience segments and ads across platforms. By working continuously 24/7 to optimize customer performance, Albert AI complements marketer and agency teams, giving them the insights to make them smarter, more efficient, and extra effective.

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