Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to questions we often get. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us.

What is Albert?

Albert is a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that plugs into a digital marketer’s existing tech stack and operates it. Albert is the self-learning digital marketing ally for marketers: a thinker, a doer, and a support system; autonomously orchestrating and evolving campaigns. Always aware of the entire landscape, Albert analyzes the previously unanalyzable, taking purposeful action and flexibly optimizing against business goals. The result: better allocation of budget against channels, audiences and tactics in search, social and programmatic channels.

What channels does Albert support?

Albert is integrated with Google’s search and programmatic channels, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Bing, delivering access to 90% of biddable inventory that drives the market.

Does Albert execute campaigns, or just make recommendations leaving action up to people?

Unlike technology that makes recommendations but leaves taking action up to you, Albert is the world’s first autonomous AI for digital marketers. Albert takes action, making adjustments and improvements every moment of every day without delay. Albert enables true agile cross channel management: the typical approach of setting channel budgets up front based on past performance and optimizing towards channel-specific metrics as proxies for business outcomes is an inexact science. Albert manages budgets flexibly in response to market conditions and autonomously optimizes against the business goal you set, resulting in better allocation of budget against channels, audiences, tactics — all within the guardrails you specify.

What does Albert optimize?

In your search campaigns, Albert continuously adjusts bids on audiences/schedule/devices/ads according to real-time data while shifting budget according to performance/engagement to ensure your ad gets in front of the right customers – all while avoiding over-bidding. In paid social, Albert gets detailed, machine-level reporting on how interests perform and uses that to optimize audiences, ad sets and lookalikes. This is an approach only an autonomous AI can do. In programmatic, Albert leverages real-time engagement of display, cross-channel learning, and smart look-alike modeling. Albert expands cautiously, spending budget only after understanding what’s working, without limiting campaign reach by just eliminating sources.

Is there a minimum sample size of data or conversions Albert needs to learn?

There is no concrete minimum but Albert performs best in transactional environments where machine learning can be fueled by a consistent flow of data. Albert uses sophisticated algorithms that ingest data from brand sources, creative sources, and channel or platform sources. Albert combines that against a set of adjustable KPI’s to optimize against whatever key metric you provide. Albert allows digital marketers to finally utilize all their data and connect decisioning across channels. Albert enables marketers to implement more frequent, sophisticated optimizations powered by continuous multivariate testing and calculations; and test more and learn faster with actionable insights from placements, keywords, creative items and audiences.

Does Albert focus on paid or organic campaigns?

Albert is a paid media solution. Gmail is our only non-paid component.

Does Albert focus on any specific area of the purchase funnel?

Albert gets results for brands through a constant balancing act between spend vs. performance vs. creative fatigue vs. organic impact, retargeting vs. prospecting, branding vs. lower funnel activity and cross-channel budget allocations. These complex multivariate calculations deliver unprecedented impact for marketers.

Is Albert for B2C or B2B?

Albert is more compatible with B2C brands as they provide the awareness, scale, and transactional pace to fuel the learning and optimization process.

Does Albert integrate with my DSP?

Albert’s programmatic campaigns are managed through an integration with Google Marketing Platform.

Does Albert hold and analyze my company’s data?

No. Albert is only exposed to the data available from the platforms (Google, Meta etc), he is not exposed to any personal or sensitive information from the company’s internal sources.

Is there a minimum campaign duration for Albert?

Albert is designed to learn, evolve, and improve performance over time as learnings continue to accumulate. Burst campaigns are supported but should be paired alongside your evergreen efforts.

Does Albert support all geographies and languages?

Albert’s platform is available in English. The Albert application interface is currently English language only, but Albert runs campaigns at a global level and can target audiences and inventory in any country or language.

What services are offered with Albert?

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success team to provide implementation services, account management, and ongoing customer support. These services are all included with Albert.

What doesn’t Albert do?

Albert does not define your strategy or develop your creatives. Our clients are responsible for setting the strategies and tactics for Albert to follow, including goals and the overall scope of your campaigns. You will also produce the creatives elements which Albert will optimize. Albert will handle all of the computational and data-centric tasks associated with the optimization, evolution and measurement of your campaigns.

Does Albert replace my agency?

No. Albert serves as another virtual team member, serving both agencies and advertisers to help relieve them from the daily painstaking tasks (bid management, optimization, campaigns creation, creative testing, budget allocation etc.) efficiently so they can focus on what matters most.

Does Albert replace my internal PPC team?

Albert replaces the need to manually manage many campaigns, keywrords, creatives and other optimizations. Based on each organization needs and structure, Albert fits in with the team as an additional team member. People are still needed to decide on strategy and develop creatives.

Does Albert know how to work with human intervention?

Yes. After being configured and preset with guardrails and goals, Albert works autonomously, though some interactions are key to success (uploading creatives, funnel changes, looking at campaign insights etc.).

Does Albert generate its own copywriting for ads?

No. Albert relies on approved ad-materials provided by the advertiser/agency in order to mix-an-match those and shift budgets to the best performing ones or to the most relevant audience on an in-campaign and cross-channel level.

How can I measure ROI for Albert’s use?

The time saved for you and your team is priceless and is measurable by you, but typically a Proof of Concept of 3 months measuring KPI’s, progress and efficiency Vs. same time last year would give you an idea. Otherwise, our team will find the best suited POC based on your current activity together with you.