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We at Albert Technologies offer the first and only fully autonomous digital marketer, Albert. While Albert and our clients are the primary focus of our team’s efforts, the employees working behind the scenes are what keeps him alive, learning and growing, while continuously delivering results to some of the world’s top brands.

Behind the Scenes

Our Locations

We are located all over the world with offices in NY and  Tel Aviv and partnerships that scan the globe.

What analysts and our clients are saying about Albert and AI.

“Albert automates the process of digital media planning and buying for advertisers. It executes media agency functions using artificial intelligence, with results that its customers say outperform agency capabilities. It can run email, paid search, social, and display campaigns, rapidly synchronizing, testing and optimizing them across channels.”

Gartner, Cool Vendors in Advertising, 2017, 19 May 2017

“Albert is a truly revolutionary technology. We immediately saw results
upon launch and nowtrust Albert to make critical campaign decisions.
There are other AI companies, but it’s important to distinguish between
those that just offer insights and those that actually execute.”

Marketing Director at Cosabella

“What we’re finding is that he’s (Albert’s) able to work from the top of the
funnel to the bottom and join those dots, which has allowed us to achieve
unbelievable ROAS. We don’t know where the ceiling is, and we can’t wait
to see how Albert can continue to accelerate and amplify our efforts.”

Naomi Simsom, Co-Founder of Big Red Group

“For there to be a technology that knows nothing about us, yet
can come and outdo us in its first shot was incredible. We have since
increased our commitment to Albert by tenfold and are currently
building a call center to accommodate the leads he’s generating for us.”

Asaf Jacobi, President of Harley-Davidson NYC

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Open Positions

Albert is always looking for talented people. Below you will find our current open positions. If you see an opportunity that interests you, please send your CV to or just click on the “Apply Now” button.


The front-end team in Albert, is a small, organic, full hands-on team. Everyone does everything, from UX through UI to development…


Tel Aviv

In Albert the core software developer is an integral part of Albert’s big data coder army. As part our analytical mining team …


Tel Aviv

We are a small and energetic team with the brightest minds in the industry. Our team members do *everything*; from UX through UI and backend …


Tel Aviv

At Albert, the data researcher is the architect of the product’s past, present and future. The team works in a cross-departmental environment to …


Tel Aviv