Targeting Animation
Albert solves top digital advertising challenges
24/7 Optimization

Marketers return to focus on customer experience

Moneyball Media

Maximize overall perfomance within and across channels

At Scale

Master creative relevance for every micro audience

No Shopper Left Behind

Reach new audience groups without spending more

Cross chanell
Albert the world’s only marketing AI that is…
Autonomous Autonomous

Self-optimizing campaign design and management

Cross-Channel Cross-Channel

Holistic, agile cross-channel strategy and execution

Fast Start Fast Start

Implement in weeks, not months, in existing ad accounts

Media Buying
Albert operates in your paid search, social & programmatic accounts Covers 90% of the biddable universe
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6 Advertiser Blind Spots We Must Overcome in 2023 

Every new year starts with a clear plan for all marketers, filled with an increasing sense of responsibility to deliver

Albert AI Technology for Creative Optimization generates a 800% Return On Ad Spend

With ad creative optimization subject to user biases, like preferences for bold headlines, images, and colors, etc., Zoomd-owned Albert AI

Our VP Product Reveals: 7 Critical Requirements for Machine-Advertiser Collaboration in 2023 

We’ve been hearing about robots taking over humans’ jobs for decades in almost every professional specialty imaginable, including industrial factories,