The Human + AI Partnership


ROAS goal met in 3 days


ROAS after one month


Increase in conversions year over year

Marketing AI boosts ROAS, traffic, and conversions

“After gaining instant capability in cross channel digital marketing execution, I was surprised that the challenge shifted to forcing the team to engage in critical thinking about what direction/creative to provide to the AI. They had been previously been focused on how to action the data, but now getting the consumer proposition right was all that mattered. Suddenly, our marketers needed to bring their human intelligence to decisions about strategy. The question is not, "is my media working," it’s “is my marketing working?" - Chief Marketing Officer


A leading global insurance organization with 100 years of experience was looking to move their paid digital marketing in house. The organization is a giant in its industry, providing a wide range of property and casualty insurance, life insurance, retirement solutions, and other financial services to customers in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions. The company offers a portfolio of diverse products and services that help businesses and individuals protect their assets, manage risks and provide for retirement security. Like many mature organizations, transformation is not the first answer unless staying the course has become untenable.


The marketing team at this organization faced a trifecta of challenges that led them to seek out a new way to pursue their paid digital marketing. First, they discovered that they did not own their own paid search, social or programmatic advertising accounts. As a result, they had no visibility into costs, actions taken or optimization activity. Second, because each channel was managed in a silo, it was extremely difficult to scale across channels or pursue an integrated approach across channels. Finally, a lack of actionable, data-driven insights prevented the team from knowing the best actions to take to continually improve their campaign strategy.


Albert took on the firm’s digital efforts across search, social and display, optimizing across channels and delivering actionable insights and suggestions. For example, when Albert discovered that social creative contained extensive text, the system recommended adding alternate creative with images and little to no text in an effort to increase reach. Combining this tactic with behavioral analysis and other campaign insights, within the first week Albert discovered new audience segments.


Albert helped the firm reach their goals faster and with less budget than previous efforts. Within three days, Albert reached the organization’s proof of concept goal and delivered a ROAS increase YOY of 130%. After one month of Albert learning and optimizing, the ROAS rose to 200%, a KPI historically unreachable with their previous efforts. This was possible due to an increase in quality traffic yielding an improvement in conversion YOY of 227%. The marketing team discovered that by utilizing an autonomous AI, they suddenly had more transparency into the campaign decisions and outcomes, and were also able to refocus their time on added value activities that only humans could do. Far from displacing the human team, the AI empowered them to take ownership. Before, when they had a media agency, they’d review reports on campaign results once a week or so, and then either accept or have comments on the agency’s recommendations. Now they are on point for multiple products with many campaigns each and have direct responsibility and visibility in making decisions, resulting in higher overall job satisfaction.