Efficient Long Tail Search

Decreased CPA


Share of voice across the top 10 branded terms

Increased new accounts

Interactive Investor Accelerates New and Existing Account Sign Ups

“Albert has helped us acquire new customers and grow our existing account sign ups. Albert’s ability to quickly and autonomously generate and optimize keywords has driven more relevant traffic to us, and the keyword universe created by Albert is far richer and diverse than what we previously had.”
- Anthony Wong, Digital Performance Director


Interactive Investor is an online investment service that provides retail investors with financial information together with the tools and trading environment they need to make confident and informed investment decisions. The company wanted to improve new customer acquisition and increase existing account sign ups through paid search.


The marketing team’s strategy was to capture new customers using non-branded and branded keywords, establishing look-alike audiences, and optimizing campaigns. Interested in how an autonomous AI could increase efficiencies and help their team shift PPC efforts in-house, the team enlisted Albert to drive new and existing account sign ups at a cost per account that matched or beat previous results.


Faster Analysis: Guided by KPIs set by Interactive Investor, Albert optimized the PPC campaign in real time toward demographics, ad copy, converted keywords, additional keywords, CPA goals, and time of day and week. At a rapid pace, Albert created almost 10,000 different text ads through extensive keyword testing, while measuring these against the organization’s CPA goals.

Relentless Campaign Evolution: Albert initially launched the campaign by analyzing historical campaign data. Month over month, Albert identified patterns of high performing terms and paused or removed any low-performing assets in real-time. Albert delivered a 286% increase in keywords by continually and autonomously optimizing and identifying successful keywords.


Albert offered a number of holistic insights for the team based on discoveries made during the PPC campaign. For example, the intelligent machine identified previously unexplored time frames when money could be better allocated. Based on Albert’s creative performance insights, the team at Interactive Investor uncovered an opportunity to develop advertising creative aimed at expanding connections with existing customers, in order to deepen those relationships.

Albert decreased the firm’s CPA by a significant amount, while increasing the number of new accounts. Throughout the campaign, Albert maintained an 89% share of voice across the top 10 branded terms, which contributed to over 83% of overall conversions for the firm. By using more effective search terms to drive site visitors, Albert also decreased the firm’s bounce rate.