Augmenting a Human Team




Increase in overall website sessions


Increase in social purchases


Increase in revenue

Cosabella Moves to Artificial Intelligence; Sees 336% ROAS and 155% Increase in Revenue

“Albert is a truly revolutionary technology. We immediately saw results upon launch and now trust Albert to make critical campaign decisions. There are other AI companies, but it’s important to distinguish between those that just offer insights and those that actually execute.”
Marketing Director at Cosabella


Cosabella, meaning “beautiful thing,” was founded in 1983 by the Italian husband-and wife duo of Ugo and Valeria Campello. Now a second-generation family business, with Guido Campello as CEO and Silvia Campello as COO, Cosabella offers a diverse range of products including intimates, swimwear, shapewear, and loungewear sold worldwide.


Cosabella had been working with agencies to manage their digital marketing efforts, but had grown increasingly frustrated with the results they were seeing. The company also had a new corporate strategy and needed a new way to take it to market. They quickly decided that in order to get over their agency “slump” frustrations and get back to sales growth, they’d need to enlist an artificial intelligence solution that would help them move the needle and drive business growth.


The team enlisted Albert to help them implement their new strategy. After processing high-level KPIs, parameters, and creative materials, Albert quickly identified emerging user behavior and patterns across paid search and social media. He then analyzed the behaviors to produce insights and suggestions for optimal performance and scalability. He then autonomously executed on the suggestions, delivering previously unseen results across channels including:

• Proactive creative and messaging insights & recommendations
• Micro-campaigns of a multitude of campaign variables
• Autonomous media buying using predictive analytics and deep learning


Within the first few months of the campaign, Cosabella achieved a 336% return on ad spend (ROAS), and a 155% increase in revenue directly attributed to Albert. Within the first month, Albert found the path to scale quickly and efficiently, initially reducing spend by 12%, then scaling more aggressively once he found what worked. Cosabella is currently working with Albert to launch additional ongoing and burst campaigns.