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Snack Food Brand Discovers Impact of Autonomous AI

“Traditional digital ad management methods put campaign managers on point to make optimizations. But the typical process of manually rolling up data to identify some broad actions that might drive improved results has inherent limitations. My team and I now understand that Albert’s autonomous optimizations leverage the true power inherent in our digital campaign data.” - CMO


A leading global food and beverage company that can trace its history back to the beginning of the 20th century, had a very 21st-century issue. With a complementary portfolio of brands serving customers and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories, and operations spanning the United States and Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the opportunity to create loyalty across brands was clear. However, executing on that opportunity was not.


The company's snack food brands were looking to grow signups for their loyalty program. Consumers who signed up would receive coupons, recipes, news, and other exclusive content in exchange for providing an email address. Previously the brand’s agency had used standard digital marketing techniques to deliver new program members through social media at $10.75 per lead (CPL). Interested in what an autonomous AI could deliver, the brand team engaged Albert to replicate the previous campaign, and deliver as many signups as possible, at a cost per lead that matched or beat previous results.


Albert began evolving the campaign, testing and discovering adjacent and new audiences. The campaign was structured so that consumers could sign up on Facebook, or on the brand’s website, to discover which was the better mechanism to drive conversion. Leveraging the various creative elements provided to Albert, the intelligent system created 30 different ad sets to kick off the campaign. As the campaign ran and evolved, Albert paused 15 of the low performers and autonomously shifted spend to the creative that performed. Albert was able to give insights about what was working and what wasn’t when requesting additional creative assets from the marketing team.


To everyone involved, it was immediately clear that Albert was able to deliver results beyond what the brand had thought possible. Because Albert gets detailed, machine-level reporting on how interests perform and uses that to optimize audiences, ad sets and lookalikes, the autonomous AI can pull more value out of paid social media than any traditional approach. What's more, The brand believed that a talent-driven approach would make the loyalty program fun and engaging, driving sign-ups. Much to everyone’s surprise, Albert discovered that product assortments featuring packaging delivered far beyond talent-driven executions. Thanks to Albert, the brand discovered that their customers gravitate toward offers or promotions, especially when they show a range of product, indicating an inclination toward ‘variety for value.’ This valuable insight would inform brand activity far beyond this digital campaign.