Our New Brand


albert logo

Today we’re introducing Albert’s new logo and brand identity. This next step marks a significant milestone in our journey, reflecting an evolution of everything that the original Albert brand stood for and all that we aspire to become.

Over the past few years, Albert has experienced tremendous growth. We’re grateful to have become a trusted partner to brands and agencies around the world who agree that there’s greater value in human imagination than the rote processing of information.

Digital marketing teams who adopt Albert discover that the collaboration between man and machine achieves results neither could operating alone. Albert is the leading edge of an entirely new kind of workplace experience. Our customers are pioneers who discover that their partnership with an AI can only be described as having Unprecedented Impact.

That was the inspiration for the new Albert logo and our entirely new look. Inspired by our mission to help digital marketers keep up and win with today’s consumers, this next phase in our journey acknowledges that the AI transformation we are seeing is rapidly moving beyond the early adopters, and that the mainstream is now ready to open their minds to a radically more effective way to plan, allocate, optimize and attribute their digital campaigns.

Our new graphic system is a depiction of impact visualized. Albert is a collection of over 200 skills, all evolving, working in concert, enabling a machine that analyzes the unanalyzable to take purposeful action. We chose a design with elements that permit us to represent this complex collective intelligence and what it can do for marketers.

Behind the new look we’re still the same rapidly growing company and team (of mostly R&D, data scientists and engineers), dedicated to providing our clients with the autonomous AI that becomes their digital marketing ally.

by Or Shani
CEO & Founder