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Blog Why AI Won’t Replace Marketers 

An interview with Sagi Weinberg, Sales Director at Albert We completely understand why people fear the recent uprising technology. “As ChatGPT, MidJourney and other AI tools gain popularity, people hear about their phenomenal capabilities, yet aren’t familiar with these technologies. Therefore, they tend to think that, just like AI-based robots have replaced employees in large […]

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Blog How AI-Human Collaboration Skyrocketed 4 Real Campaigns

ChatGPT, Dall-E… AI is making a lot of global noise, especially taking over the advertising and marketing industry with great hopes of making it better. At Albert, we believe that AI isn’t about fully replacing us humans. Instead, it’s about empowering marketers with tools that help with some of our tasks, and free us to […]

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Blog Why Do We Need to Know What AI Is Thinking?

People may never be able to fully understand how AI thinks, but transparency is still needed to build trust with users and optimize the productivity of these platforms.

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