Albert and Transparency: Building Trust with AI Marketing

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Transparency of AI systems has become a topic that is picking up momentum as more and more industries begin working with these new solutions. People often ask, “Can I see what the system is doing?” or “What sort of information does the system provide?”. Also, “What sort of controls do I have to ensure the system doesn’t go off the rails?”

In this report you will learn how effective division of labor between a true AI platform, like Albert, and the marketer, creates an environment of visibility and trust where the marketer is able to not only understand the decisions the AI platform is taking, but benefit from what it has to offer.

Download today to learn more about:

  • The role of the marketer versus AI in determining accurate attribution
  • How to customize experiences and the role of AI and the marketer in creating user types
  • AI Transparency via actionable insights and trace-able decision-making and where the marketer fits into the process

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