Partner with Albert™

Provide the future of digital
marketing for your clients, right now.

Meet Albert, the ideal partner for SIs, agencies, and strategic consulting firms who want to help clients drive efficiency in digital ad spend, increase digital media reach, and deliver more personalized experiences to their customers.

Who (or what, if you insist) is Albert?
Albert is an AI-based, fully-autonomous and cross-channel digital advertising platform. It’s one single point of execution with real-time, continuous insights.

What will Albert do for your clients?
Ultimately, Albert helps your clients raise brand awareness and accelerate revenue growth. With Albert on your team, you can offer clients a holistic, innovative campaign approach from one single point of execution, while delivering the most accurate investment decisions, every time. It’s likely to be the first time ever your client can gain cross-channel insights.

What will Albert do for you?
Albert’s continuous recommendations to improve the effectiveness of campaigns will boost your creative services pipeline. And thanks to our SaaS pricing model, Albert allows you to offer a more progressive, transparent and value-based pricing model to clients (the future of digital marketing pricing).*

Where does Albert work?
Across digital media – search, social, desktop, and mobile. Platforms include Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and DoubleClick BidManager.

When does Albert work?
24/7 – Albert never takes breaks and he never gives up!

The Albert Partner program provides a wide range of benefits including:


Offer the first true AI-based digital marketing platform. It’s completely autonomous and cross-channel.


Create a revenue channel that clients feel good about with more transparent pricing. Boost creative services pipeline too.


Gain access to Albert sales and marketing collateral, as well as thought leadership.

To Become a Partner:

We’ve found partnership to be most successful for companies who meet the following criteria:

  • You are a mid- to large-scale systems integrator, agency, or strategic consulting firm
  • with enterprise clients
  • for whom you do volume media buying ($1.5M+ annually).

If you’re interested in exploring a fit further, send an email with the subject line ‘Partnership Inquiry’ to

We look forward to hearing from you!