Albert Named “Best Marketing Automation Company” and Wins “Best Retail Campaign of the Year” at 2017 DMN Awards


AI Marketing Company Adgorithms Recognized for its Innovative Technology and Unprecedented Results for Harley-Davidson NYC

New York, NY March 06, 2017

NEW YORK, NY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adgorithms, creators of Albert, the world’s first and only completely self-driven artificial intelligence marketing platform, was named the “Best Marketing Automation Company” and won “Best Retail Campaign of the Year” for its work with Harley-Davidson NYC, at this year’s DMN Awards. Competing against marketing automation companies such as Experian, RedPoint Global and Registria, and campaigns for Finish Line and Levi’s, Adgorithms continues to push boundaries in the marketing space, proving artificial intelligence to be an accessible and crucial marketing tool for mainstream brands..

The DMN Awards received over 150 applications, across 23 categories, and ultimately recognized the top 21 most influential and innovative marketing campaigns, technologies and personalities over the past year.

“Only a year ago we were trying to educate the marketing industry on artificial intelligence; this year we can confidently say it’s catching on,” said Or Shani, Founder of Albert and CEO of Adgorithms. “The exponential increase in sales and ROI that the Harley-Davidson campaign produced is indicative of AI’s ability to completely revolutionize the way digital campaigns are handled. We are honored to be recognized by such an influential panel.”

Founded in 2010, Albert is changing the way companies reach current and prospective customers, and the way marketing teams execute digital campaigns. Albert autonomously executes holistic, multi-channel campaigns from start to finish – without ongoing input from human colleagues. “He” learns as he goes, gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data across channels, and applying the insights he gains from one to all other relevant channels.

Albert is currently working with retail and consumer brands, including Harley-Davidson, EVISU, Cosabella, and others to help them reach their customers directly, thereby leveling the playing field with major retail sites like Amazon, who have had proprietary AI tech for years. For these brands, Albert serves as a highly sophisticated, brand-agnostic solution that identifies audiences they never even knew they had, helps them break into markets they couldn’t crack on their own, and drastically increases their direct-to-consumer sales at unprecedented rates.

The DMN Awards honor the most innovative strategies and platforms in today’s marketing world and the people behind them. They aim to encourage best-practices in the marketing industry by highlighting unusually effective campaigns and revolutionary technologies. The jury, comprised of over 30 high-level marketing professionals, recognized 21 winners and 18 honorable mentions.

The DMN Awards introduced new categories this year to reflect the rapidly-changing marketing landscape. A list of DMN Awards winners can be found on the DMN website.

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About Albert
Albert is the first-ever artificial intelligence marketing platform, driving fully autonomous digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands. Created by Adgorithms in 2010, Albert’s mission is to liberate businesses from the complexities of digital marketing—not just by replicating their existing efforts, but by executing them at a pace and scale not previously possible. He serves as a highly intelligent and sophisticated member of brands’ marketing teams, wading through mass amounts of data, converting this data into insights, and autonomously acting on these insights, across channels, devices and formats, in real time. This eliminates the manual and time-consuming tasks that currently limit the effectiveness and results of modern digital advertising and marketing. Brands such as Harley Davidson, EVISU, Planet Blue, and credit Albert with significantly increased sales, an accelerated path to revenue, the ability to make more informed investment decisions, and reduced operational costs. For more information, please visit

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