How Marketer And Machine Will Learn To Work Together


How Brands Win when marketers collaborate with AI

Discover What it Means to Collaborate With Technology Instead of Just Using It.

Cognitive technology promises to solve many of the challenges that plague modern marketing today. AI will empower marketers to refocus on marketing fundamentals like understanding customers and creating relevant, compelling experiences that appeal to their needs.

Before this can happen, marketers must shift their frame of reference from using technology to collaborating with it. They must learn to trust machines to handle the machine-like, manual work they do today around paid digital campaigns and discover the possibilities when they effectively collaborate and add more value to their organization in partnership with an autonomous intelligence. The more faith marketers put into the possibilities this new future is bringing about, the more productive this new hybrid team will be.

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  • How to create a cooperative, calculated balance key to effective human-machine collaboration
  • Why AI marketing makes sense in today’s big data world
  • What blackbox marketing vs. glassbox marketing is and why it’s important to seek out a glassbox solution
  • Best practices for implementing cognitive technologies

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