Forrester Report: AI Is A New Kind Of Creative Partner


Forrester Report Cover

Once upon a time, marketers and creative teams acted as if data and analytics were killers of intuition and creativity. Today, it’s time to embrace the idea that data in the creative process can stimulate thinking and inspire creativity far beyond advertising. Find out how infusing AI into your creative process will help you move beyond automation and cost reduction to truly deliver on your brand promise.

Discover in this report:

  • The reason why AI is now being used in the creative process, in addition to its routine use in digital media buying, campaign automation, and marketing mix optimization
  • How less guesswork and more frequent customer insights enable marketers to improve creative briefs, share guidelines, and unleash creativity on targeted experiences down to a single moment
  • Why customer journey analytics compiled with the right signals can activate always-on creative content across channels and media


Enjoy this report, then talk to us to learn how Albert can deliver unprecedented impact to your marketing team.

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