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by Amy Inlow

New Infographic from Albert Brings Forrester Report’s Findings to Life

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A new infographic from Albert™ visualizes findings from a recent Forrester report on common modern marketing frustrations and how advertisers view AI and its capabilities.

In an increasingly complex digital marketing landscape, a huge swathe of advertisers and marketers find themselves dissatisfied with their current approach. The truth is that artificial intelligence platforms can be critical to resolving many of today’s digital complexities, but an overwhelming number of marketers fail to recognize this because they misunderstand the technology itself, according to a new report from Forrester commissioned by Albert.

It’s no surprise that marketers wouldn’t immediately grasp the full ramifications of artificial intelligence in their field: AI is a complex science, and one that’s often portrayed in misleading ways in film and television. To help marketers understand exactly what artificial intelligence could be doing for them, Albert has released a new infographic that illustrates the most surprising insights from the Forrester report, clearing away the confusion and focusing on facts.

The Current State of Marketing

One of the study’s biggest findings was that most marketers sense that their current strategies and techniques are not getting results. Surveyed marketers expected their current strategies to result in diminishing efficiency gains, with 32% of respondents predicting a less than 5% increase in their year-over-year incremental gains. This is due in large part to the perception that digital marketing’s complexity has outpaced its ability to automate and execute the basic tasks involved in launching, executing, and optimizing marketing campaigns.

This perception, however, results from a misunderstanding of artificial intelligence and its current capabilities. Many respondents are hounded by issues like understanding how certain channels contribute to conversions (37%), translating customer data and insights into actionable outcomes (35%), and an over-reliance on vendors to drive strategy (34%). In spite of the fact that modern AI marketing platforms like Albert can resolve all these problems, however, marketers are still resistant to adoption, citing a lack of familiarity with the technology (48%) and difficulty finding vendors (35%) as barriers.

Down to Brass Tacks

Readers can use the new infographic to see a quick rundown of these and many other insights Forrester uncovered through its study, all of which are presented in an engaging, visual way. The infographic covers the challenges marketers are facing today, how marketing is rapidly changing, and what marketing teams must do moving forward to adapt. The study’s core finding is an emerging need for marketers to rapidly expand their understanding of AI capabilities.

Albert is designed to address some of the major concerns held by today’s marketers. Using KPIs set by a company’s marketing team and data collected during a campaign, Albert autonomously makes decisions that result in campaigns reaching not just the largest possible audiences, but the most valuable ones. Albert handles everything from media buying and cross channel execution to A/B testing and targeting, taking the guesswork out of digital marketing and freeing up teams to handle more high-value creative and strategic work.