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Harley Davidson NYC hits all time high with AlbertTM

For there to be a technology that knows nothing about us, yet can come and outdo us in its first shot was incredible. We have since increased our commitment to Albert by tenfold and are currently building a call center to accommodate the leads he’s generating for us.
Asaf Jacobi | President of Harley-Davidson NYC


Increase in
Website Views


Increase in


Leads coming from “Lookalikes”


Of motorcycle sales delivered by Albert


Harley-Davidson of NYC understood the impact digital could have on its business but was unable to realize the full potential on its own given the size of their team and the resources available. Harley-Davidson launched its first AI campaign with Albert™, “48 Bikes in 48 Hours,” in early 2016 to reduce seasonal overstock and determine how quickly Albert could ramp up “his” audience knowledge to meet the brand’s conversion goals. Prior to Albert, Harley-Davidson NYC’s all-time sales record was eight motorcycles in a single weekend. In his first two-day campaign, Albert almost doubled this record, selling 15 bikes.


With Harley-Davidson NYC’s KPIs, business logic and minimal past campaign performance data, Albert discovered trending behavior at a pace only a machine can handle, and used continuously incoming info to optimize and scale performance including:

  • Identifying unknown audiences.
  • Identifying top-performing creative and messaging combinations and prioritizing them across all digital channels.
  • Pricing and budget allocation across all digital channels (on the fly marketing mix modeling).


After just six months, Harley-Davidson NYC credits 40% of its motorcycle sales to Albert and is in the process of hiring a team of approximately six new employees to keep up with resulting leads. At the three-month mark, Harley-Davidson NYC had already seen an increase of 2930% leads/month – 50% of which are lookalikes. The NYC franchise has been so successful that several other Harley-Davidson franchises have already adopted the technology, and tens of others are currently looking to implement Albert.

About Harley-Davidson NYC

Harley-Davidson of New York City is a curator of the iconic Harley-Davidson brand, a leading retailer of the trusted motorcycles and related products and an authority in all the Harley-Davidson brand represents. The award winning dealership offers NYC regional bike lovers access to the world of Harley-Davidson through the unmatched service one equates with the Harley-Davidson name.