Leading Team

Geoff Farris


Geoff Farris, CRO of Albert , oversees both new business and account management. Farris has over twenty years of relevant management experience in technology consulting, web 2.0, service-oriented architecture and social media strategies. He comes to Albert Technologies Ltd. from Sharablee, Inc., where he was CRO. Before Sharablee, Inc., Farris was at Tracx US, Inc., where he served as Executive Vice President and was CRO. Before Tracx, Farris served as Executive Vice President of Sales & Sales Operations at Visible Technologies, Inc.

Before Visible Technologies, Farris was President and Chief Executive Officer of Bueller’s, a private investment firm. Before Bueller’s, he served as the Regional Vice President for Enterpulse, a national technology-services firm focused on process improvement solutions leveraging portal, content management and BPM technologies within SOA environments. Earlier, he served as Regional Vice President with Groundswell, a national services firm where he played an integral part in the merger between Groundswell and Enterpulse. Farris has also held leadership positions in interactive marketing services firms, Syllogy Partners and e-Media.