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by Oren Langberg
Lead Solutions Engineer

EVISU and Albert Join Forces to Boost Global Sales

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After seeing less-than-stellar numbers from a cross-channel digital marketing campaign, EVISU decided to give Albert a shot — and the results were nothing short of outstanding.

It may be true that everyone puts their pants on the same way — one leg at a time — but that doesn’t mean everyone has a similar way of selling them. Luxury denim brand EVISU has recently become one of the world’s first retailers to utilize artificial intelligence in its marketing efforts after partnering with Albert, the world’s first AI-driven marketing platform.

Finding a Better Way: Autonomous Marketing

In 2015, EVISU ran their own cross-channel digital marketing campaign in the US, but found that the sales it generated failed to match its costs. In search of a more effective digital strategy, the company turned to Albert to create an autonomous marketing solution that could optimize the allocation of campaign budget across digital channels for the maximum possible return.

“Running campaigns across channels is not an easy feat for an ecommerce brand looking to find a very specific and defined customer,” said Brennan See, Online Marketing Executive at EVISU. “Albert learns, optimizes and delivers results as it goes, delivering performance in both SEM and social that we had yet to see working with prior technology solutions.”

The improvement was impossible to overlook. Since the launch of the company’s first campaign, Albert has yielded a 500% increase in ROI across search, social, and display channels.

How Does Albert Do It?

Once EVISU decided to give Albert a try, all they had to do was input their campaign creatives and KPIs. From there, Albert started to autonomously make decisions about when and where to buy media, what audience to target, and when to stop devoting resources to a particular channel. The beauty of it all is that Albert learns as he goes: as the campaign runs, Albert takes lessons from previous decisions and uses them to optimize his future moves.

Albert identified a high volume of conversions among returning EVISU customers. In response, he automatically created a campaign designed to drive previous customers back to the site, significantly boosting indirect conversions and increasing direct conversions by 25%. He also identified particular audience behaviors that resulted in conversions. For instance, customers who engaged with the word “Jackets” produced a 54% higher ROI than those who engaged with the word “Jeans.”

Albert was also able to find previously unknown high-value audiences. For instance, people with the job title “engineer” on Facebook produced a 300% higher return on investment with EVISU’s ads than other users. He also discovered that customers whose default browser language was Chinese accounted for 70% of conversions and revenue generated. All these insights contributed to the effectiveness of Albert’s campaign in driving more focused engagement from users.

Finally, Albert used his powerful predictive algorithms to guess where pricing would be most optimal between channels and reallocate budget accordingly. Based on parameters such as the past performance of specific keywords, how much competitors are investing in them, what user groups they’re likely to reach, and the probability that they will lead to conversions, he can predict keyword pricing and make data-driven ad-buying decisions.

All in all, EVISU’s foray into AI-driven marketing has been a huge success. With Albert doing the heavy data lifting, EVISU’s marketing team is now free to focus on creating more creative assets and pursuing new marketing strategies.

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