Winning the Battle for the Digital-First Consumer


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How AI Creates Competitive Advantage
Webcast Featuring Rockland Trust Bank and Mediastruction 

Rockland Trust Bank worked with Albert and agency Mediastruction to tackle some of the most nuanced, but common scenarios that plague marketing in the retail banking sector by turning to AI, data science, and technology.

Watch the video to hear Jennifer Marino, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer at Rockland Trust Bank, and Marilois Snowman, CEO of Mediastruction, share results of their digital transformation and how autonomous AI creates competitive advantage.

Learn how:

  • Rockland Trust Bank decreased its eCPA by 13% and increased conversions by 10%
  • The bank drove in-person business through digital marketing
  • Media mix modeling was used to understand the online/offline customer journey
  • Autonomous AI adjusted audience targeting in real-time to balance product priorities


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