Webinar On-Demand: Marketing, Interrupted


marketing interrupted webinar

Any great brand that you can think of—from Apple to Zappos—has been built on the guiding principles of Simplicity, Clarity and Alignment: One Voice. One Look. One Story. According to Dave Sutton, author of the book Marketing, Interrupted, for a brand to get to the top of their market they must master the 3S’s: Story, Strategy and Systems. You’ll hear directly from Dave on how your organization can master the 3S’s and harness the power of Transformational Marketing.

Topics covered from Dave Sutton’s book, Marketing Interrupted, include:

  • Dave Sutton’s 3S methodology for marketers
  • The difference between “transformational” marketing and “transactional” marketing
  • How to formulate a winning go-to-market strategy
  • How brands are successfully using AI and machine learning capabilities to transform marketing

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