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US Wellness Meats Partners with Albert™, Exceeds ROAS Goals by 157% and Earns $1M in Total Revenue

“The long and short of i t is that Albert performed beyond our expectations, and that’s rare in today’s world. He’s enabled us to hold our own against huge businesses like Amazon trying to get a foothold in our market.”
John Wood | Founder of US Wellness Meats


in revenue across channels


Increase in ROAS from search


Increase in
Facebook conversions


Average month over year sales


Though the company was well positioned to capitalize on the sustainable eating craze that swept the country in the mid-2000s, its audience growth had begun to dwindle by 2016. There were also concerns that eCommerce competitors would eat up their share of the sustainably raised meat market. Without the huge marketing budget or name-brand recognition of bigger competitors, US Wellness owner John Wood — a farmer on the forefront of technological advances, adopted Albert in hopes of increasing the return on their marketing investment.


Owners of their own supply chain, facilities and creative strategy and production, Albert joined the team as one of US Wellness Meats only external resource. He quickly got to work analyzing US Wellness Meats’ audiences, leveraging the results of the company’s past campaigns to decide which new creative materials provided by the company’s in-house marketing team would perform best.

  • Albert built profiles of the users most likely to convert on an ad, raising the total percentage of clicks-to-conversions within the sixth month campaign period from 3% to 4.6%.
  • Albert discovered entirely new audiences and turned them into loyal customers, pulling in over $400K in sales from users who’d never previously interacted with the US Wellness Meats site.
  • Albert freed the US Wellness Meats marketing team to focus on generating new creative materials, guiding marketers towards the themes and messages that were most effective at generating more conversions.


US Wellness Meats owns virtually every part of its supply chain, and the optimization of its digital marketing campaigns is one of the only tasks it has outsourced to date. That decision looks awfully wise in retrospect: since Albert was first implemented in mid-2017, the improvements in campaigns that he has monitored and managed have brought in a total of $1 million in revenue, with 40% generated by entirely new customers delivered by Albert. He has also brought more people to the US Wellness website, increasing its number of visits to an average of 1,000 per day.

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats was founded in 2000 in Monticello, Missouri (pop. 98) by visionary farmers, who saw that big-business cattle-raising practices were taking a
toll on our animals and our health. By returning to rotational grazing practices that are good for the planet and good for our cattle, they led the way in introducing a new generation to the unmatched taste, tenderness, and healthiness of grassfed beef.