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Backend Developer
Tel Aviv – R&D

As a Backend Developer at Albert, you will be working closely with our research and algorithmics teams to constantly make Albert smarter.


Albert is a robust, cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that plugs into a marketer’s existing tech stack and operates it – planning, building and optimizing huge paid digital marketing campaigns (enterprise scale). The only system of its kind in the world, it is an autonomous AI that is the result of 8 years of development by a team of 80 data scientists and engineers. Albert processes and analyzes audience and tactic data at scale, making optimization decisions, and extracting useful and actionable insights for our clients.

Managing huge marketing operations autonomously is one of the most complicated technological challenges in the >$200B digital marketing industry. This makes Albert industry-disruptive: it is a technological solution designed to augment human teams, giving them unprecedented capabilities beyond any other solution.

To do so, Albert uses numerous algorithms, which communicate directly with the largest marketing platforms today - Google AdWords, Facebook, DV360, and more. Albert is primarily a back-end product, where all the strategy and optimization decisions take place.

Albert is mostly a backend product, where all the strategy and optimization tasks take place.

As a Backend Developer at Albert, you will be working closely with our product, research, and algorithmic teams to constantly make Albert smarter. 

You will be required to hold a deep understanding of the system, as well as optimization, control, and data analysis processes.

You will be expected to take an end-to-end technical lead of your projects, and “tailor” new logic into Albert using your system engineering skills: software design, databases (both relational and non-relational), working with external APIs, and of course - pure high-level coding (in Python).



  • 2+ years experience in high level back end development
  • Experience in system components design / architecture
  • Strong analytical skills (high university grades / psychometric grade / etc.)
  • Relevant B.Sc. in a leading university

Advantage – Experience in:

  • Python
  • Comfortable working with Linux
  • Big data-oriented programming
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