Client Success

Gallery Furniture Welcomes AI to the Family,
Increases Sales by 22% in First Month

“When a customer walks into our flagship showroom, I make a point of shaking their hand and showing them that we
appreciate them. It’s important that whatever marketing approach we take online lets us reach out to the customer
and shake their virtual hand, too. Albert has allowed us to do this. His ‘thoughtfulness’ creates a more delightful
experience for the customer and has produced great results for Gallery Furniture. Coming up to Christmas, the next
90 days are going to be tremendous now that Albert is onboard.”

Jim McIngvale | Founder and President of Gallery Furniture


Increase in Leads


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Increase in conversions


James Franklin McIngvale, also known as Mattress Mack, is the owner and operator of Gallery Furniture, and he’s always looking for opportunities to interact with and learn from his customers and visitors. With his enthusiasm for new tech and its power to build and strengthen customer relationships, Mack wanted to reach out to customers across any and every media channel — he dared to be an early AI adopter because he knew it would get him better access to his valued customers. Mack also understood that as a retailer of high-quality furniture, it was important to locate high-quality leads. Unfortunately, previous efforts at reaching these customers through multivariate A/B testing had marginal results due to the limited bandwidth of his marketing staff. After learning about Albert’s ability to find qualified customers through a cross-channel, holistic strategy, Mack jumped in with both feet.


  • Micro-campaigns of infinite campaign variables determine high performing concept – Albert identified that a decrease in overall CPA for a specific time period was largely associated with a high performing concept in Facebook named ”Pre Labor Day Super Sale”, and recommended the creation of similar concepts.
  • Autonomous audience identification of new/unknown audiences – Albert quickly identified that the audience of women aged 45-65 was high performing and suggested creation of additional ad items relevant to the demographic for optimal performance.
  • Ongoing true device attribution discovery – Once Albert discovered that the highest performing device was mobile, generating more than 75% of total Gallery Furniture conversions, he immediately shifted resources to maximize device performance.


Within the two months, Albert increased Gallery Furniture leads by 6,879% — the company was dealing with so many leads that it needed a team of six people to follow up with all of them seven days a week. Albert has not only driven exponential digital growth within the campaign time, but has standardized A/B testing, doing the kind of quick automatic analysis and execution that only an advanced computer is capable of. His work on the campaign made their marketing efforts much more scalable and freed the team to focus on what they do best — personalized, one-on-one interactions and customer service, the Gallery Furniture way.

About Gallery Furniture

What started as a small family-owned store has since developed into one of the best known furniture chains in Houston. Famous for its same-day delivery and emphasis on customer service, Gallery Furniture has a flagship showroom where Mack can usually be found welcoming each and every customer into the store. With three large showrooms, Gallery Furniture continues to cater to the greater Houston area providing American made, high-quality furniture, mattresses, and accessories available for same-day delivery.