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Evisu Reaches 500% ROI with Albert

Adgorithms’ Artificial Intelligence based digital marketing platform – Albert – provided an easy-to-use cross-channel system that learns, optimizes and delivers results as it goes, delivering performance in both SEM and social that we had yet to see working with prior technology solutions. We look forward to continued success with Albert and our Adgorithms team.
Brennan See, Hong Kong, Online Marketing Executive at EVISU Group Ltd.


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The denim wear giant wanted to find a solution that would help them better manage and scale their cross-channel efforts effectively and efficiently – ensuring all work and investment remain focused in areas producing results, while simultaneously delivering a sustainable and scalable ROI model in channels that have previously under performed. The partnership began with a one geo campaign to determine the effectiveness of Albert’s self-driving, cross-channel skills and effectiveness in reaching and building its brand appreciating audience. Success was measured based on eCPA and the overall number of orders and purchases.


The global denim wear retailer leveraged Albert – the first and only autonomous marketing platform, to execute and optimize in and across channels that had previously proven unsuccessful for the brand including search and social. Utlizing self-driving, machine-based learning power as well as cross-channel optimization know-how, Albert was able to quickly identify areas within and across channels that were generating conversions. Albert then focused efforts and investment in these areas, while simultaneously seeking out and targeting new relevant customers. All this was done in a very short campaign run time.


What began as a small scale, one geo, e-commerce campaign quickly blossomed into a multi-geo large scale effort producing 500% total ROI across social, search and display channels, while simultaneously delivering a significant increase in customers. All goals were achieved as outlined by Evisu – including a significant decrease in eCPA, as well as consistent inbound orders and purchases coming from search , social and display. With the delivery of significant performance, Evisu decided not only to invest more in their digital program, but they also expanded the targeted geos from United States only to multiple geos including Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore.

About Evisu

Evisu is a Japanese designer clothing company that specializes in luxury denim wear. The brand prides themselves on denim that is as authentic as the vintage jeans from the 1950’s. Despite their increasing success the iconic denim wear brand remains devoted to quality and authenticity.