Check in on the State of AI in Marketing with Albert’s New Customer Survey Report


Check in on the State of AI in Marketing with Albert's New Customer Survey Report

Our recently published customer survey report confirms that AI is emerging as the most effective solution to the complexities of digital marketing — specifically in its ability to autonomously manage processes like media buying and facilitate better creative work.

In the report, AI Adoption In Marketing: 2018 Brand And Agency Survey, we asked dozens of marketers on both the brand side and at agencies about their experiences as early adopters of AI in marketing. Their answers gave us insight into the very first stage of AI implementation, which in turn helps us better understand how the technology is being used, where it’s scoring its biggest victories, and what aspects our customers are still grappling with.

Our full survey offers a wide range of revealing facts and figures about AI deployment in marketing today, but we’ve compiled some of the most interesting takeaways from the report for your reading pleasure below.

Agencies Augmenting Campaigns with AI

Autonomous AI solutions are no longer just for brand-side marketers — they’re increasingly leveraged by agencies tasked with executing their clients’ digital campaigns. These same agencies say they are impressed by AI’s ability to both identify new audiences (thereby improving campaign performance) and streamline their workflows.

Agencies are also trying out AI on new, creative applications like keyword selection and copywriting. The agencies we surveyed were more likely to report higher performance as a major benefit of AI than brands were, citing media buying and audience segmentation as particularly valuable. Nearly 60% of agencies claimed they discovered new audience segments through the implementation of AI solutions.

AI’s Advantages

We also found that marketers utilizing AI in the workplace have seen extraordinary results in terms of both increased capacity and efficiency. Agencies gave their AI a 3.8/5 rating for freeing up marketers to focus on creative and strategic tasks, thanks to their autonomous platform’s ability to complete more tedious work related to data collection and analysis. 33% of brand-side marketers, for their part, were surprised by the speed at which creative material loses effectiveness with users, something they never would have realized without using AI.

The survey revealed that it is much more common for brands and agencies to utilize AI’s capabilities simultaneously across search, display, and social channels rather than on only one or two of these channels. This suggests that AI’s ability to work efficiently across channels will be a major factor in its increased adoption in the coming years.

Bumps on the Road to Implementation

As with any new technology, both brands and agencies had their own issues with AI implementation. Brand-side marketers had a particularly hard time letting AI take over data analysis, with 59% citing it as the hardest task to give up. Agencies, on the other hand, were slightly uncomfortable with the idea that they couldn’t communicate directly with their AI partner, with 33% citing it as a drawback (an issue Inside Albert directly addresses).

These obstacles aside, it’s clear that AI platforms like Albert™ have the potential to revolutionize the entire marketing industry. In fact, we believe that marketers will bridge the application gap sooner rather than later, especially as they gain a sense of the technology’s enormous capabilities and start letting it really work across channels and business units.

As the only fully-autonomous AI marketing platform in the world, Albert is uniquely equipped to grow and learn with marketers as they move past the initial stages of implementation and unlock AI’s true benefits.

Download the full report for more insights into the results of AI adoption.