CES 2018 Dives Deep into Future of AI


CES 2018 Dives Deep into Future of AI

CES 2018 covered the total landscape of artificial intelligence and its many applications, exploring the ways in which AI will transform consumer electronics, marketing, and the global job market.

Every year, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) CES trade show in Las Vegas distinguishes itself for hosting pioneers and innovators from around the world to speak on the trends that are changing consumer electronics, and this year proved no exception. CES 2018 featured fascinating keynote addresses from experts on a wide range of issues, fields, and emerging technologies.

One topic in the CES spotlight this year was artificial intelligence, a technology that’s rapidly transforming practically every sector of our economy. Here are some of our biggest AI-related takeaways from the event.

The Future of Work

As we’ve written about in detail, the impact of artificial intelligence on our job economy goes far beyond the automation of various tasks: it will change the nature of work itself. In marketing and in other fields, human workers will learn to cooperate with and work alongside AI-powered partners.

One CES panel tackled this exact issue. Called “The Future of Work for Both Humans and Machines,” the presentation was moderated by the CTA’s VP of Government and Political Affairs Tiffany Moore, and featured panelists from major tech companies like NVIDIA and IBM. Also contributing to the panel was Evelyn Ramsey from the Department of Commerce’s NTIA — input from regulatory agencies is highly relevant to this discussion, as it will take a combination of public and private sector efforts to transition the job economy into a new era.

The panelists discussed the tremendous changes being brought about not just by AI, but by emergent technologies like the Internet of Things, as well as the opportunities for advancement they’re presenting to American workers.

Regulating AI

How do we control a technology that meets or exceeds the thinking power of a human being? Today’s AI technology is still at least a decade away from reaching that point, but top thinkers in government, science, and business are already laying the foundation for a universal set of standards and regulations for the use of AI.

The “Rise of Machines — Future of AI” event featured speakers from the NIST, the IEEE Standards Association, and IBM talk about the questions that must be answered before a comprehensive regulatory framework for AI can be developed. Panelists discussed how future AI might work to earn the trust of its human operators, as well as the many different points of consensus between industries that will be needed to create universal standards.

AI in Marketing

One of the most exciting events of CES 2018 was “Alexa, What Is The Impact of AI on Advertising?” Moderated by TIME Inc.’s Chief Content Officer and The Telegraph’s Business Editor, the panel featured voices from some of the most influential brands, publishers, and advertisers in the world.

The panel focused largely on the AI mechanisms that consumers will soon use to interact with media, and how brands and publishers could respond to those mechanisms. But a topic that’s even more relevant to today’s marketers is the use of AI to deliver the right content to the right users, achieving unheard of levels of personalization at an incredible pace and scale. By leveraging platforms like Albert™, marketers can respond to heightened consumer expectations by delivering tailored digital experiences and engaging content, swapping out creative material the moment it becomes fatigued to optimize digital campaign performance.

As the developers of the world’s first fully-autonomous AI marketing platform, we at Albert are glad to see artificial intelligence receive so much attention at important conferences and events like CES. We look forward to next year’s event and hope that even more progress is made towards developing, expanding, and regulating this incredibly exciting and useful technology.

by Oren Langberg
Lead Sales Engineer