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by Eric Berkowitz
VP, Customer Success

Cosabella Turns to Albert for Digital Marketing Success

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After growing frustrated with the performance of their existing vendors, Italian lingerie brand Cosabella decided to move their digital marketing in-house — then turned the keys over to Albert to execute.

Digital marketing has made it more difficult than ever for companies to put the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. With so much data at marketers’ fingertips and so little time to make sense of it, it’s become impossible for any one person to pull insights from their organization’s consumer data that are both accurate and actionable. A completely new approach to data-driven marketing is necessary, and companies like Italian lingerie brand Cosabella have found it in AlbertTM.

Albert CEO, Or Shani, will be discussing the sales success of Cosabella and other companies that have worked with Albert during the upcoming ShopTalk retail and ecommerce event in Las Vegas. Shani will present on March 20 at 4:35pm at the event – detailing how artificial intelligence can bring marketers new levels of success in a world where everything from brand awareness to final purchases is conducted through digital channels.

Breaking the Mold

Cosabella had grown frustrated with the traditional ad agencies it had hired to manage its digital marketing efforts after years of failing to expand its audience and deliver better results. Deciding to move their digital efforts in-house, the retailer enlisted Albert to handle campaigns across all digital all digital channels. After processing some high-level KPIs, parameters, and creatives, Albert quickly identified user behaviors and patterns, then analyzed those behaviors to gain a few valuable insights that could drive the direction of future campaigns.

First among those insights was a discovery about Cosabella’s creative and messaging: Albert found that users were more likely to interact with an image that featured models than they were with an image that only featured the product itself. He also noticed that the brand’s audiences were experiencing creative fatigue with certain campaigns, then notified the brand that frequent messaging changes would probably be necessary, adjusting the allocation of spend on those campaigns in the meantime.

Cosabella was also impressed with Albert’s ability to notice things that human marketers typically can’t see when creating campaigns. Seeking correlations among thousands of data points, Albert found a slew of undiscovered keywords that empowered the brand to identify previously unknown and unreached audiences.

Albert also saved time for the marketing team by handling all of the data entry and analysis that goes into campaign optimization. He optimized all of Cosabella’s paid campaigns and made the normally time-consuming decisions about the allocation of spend towards specific channels. These changes allowed the team to focus on higher-value problem solving and creative strategy.

Digital Marketing Results

Of course, no change to your marketing strategy is worth the effort unless it can yield results that noticeably exceed your past performance. Luckily for Cosabella, Albert over-delivered on his promise to improve marketing outcomes: within the first few months of the campaign, the company saw a 336% return on ad spend and a 155% increase in revenue directly attributed to Albert.

“Albert is a truly revolutionary technology,” said Courtney Connell, Marketing Director at Cosabella. “We immediately saw results upon launch and now trust Albert to make critical campaign decisions. There are other AI companies, but it’s important to distinguish between those that just offer insights and those that actually execute.”

Cosabella is far from alone: more and more companies are discovering that Albert can help to unlock new audiences, drive new revenue, and lower costs, all while freeing human marketers to focus on the creative and strategic tasks they value most.