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Multivariate Creative Optimization

  • Alberts mixes and matches between creative elements to find the right way to engage with different users at the right time and on the right channel
  • Dynamic creative element combinations provide balance between performance and ad/audience fatigue
  • Albert leaves no stone unturned, testing and optimizing thousands of campaign variables in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer

Channel Contribution & Budget Optimization

Albert wants to understand the most efficient and effective path to conversion

  • He aligns to the attribution models/windows set in each of the channel providers
  • Measures impact and contribution that each channel has in differing customer journeys and touchpoints
  • He tweaks the budget splits across channels for different segments according to impact, finds optimal split and extrapolates across activity – dynamically running multivariate testing

Albert Covers:

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Albert is always learning, analyzing and offering proactive insights on what he’s found and what he will do, and YOU should do, next.

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