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Anastasia Dates Increase registrations by 6X and sales by 10X with AlbertTM

Our partnership with Albert is different. With the use of their AI marketing technology we are able to achieve our goals. Communication is clear, feedback is fast and strategic ideas are always clever. As one of our top partners we are always for looking for ways to expand the partnership including adding new geos and products.
Stacey Smirnova, Account Manager | Anastasia Dates


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Increase in Sale
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Anastasia Dates had been running digital programs for years but results had peaked and performance had become stagnate. For years, they had maintained very specific performance goals, ensuring marketing investment did not exceed sales/revenue. Another challenge the brand faced was managing customer flow optimization across multiple channels. They had to ensure that customers who reached the site completed the lengthy process of becoming a profitable customer, which included an extensive signup, free member capabilities and paying member status.


Anastasia Dates partnered with Albert to conquer their digital marketing challenges including display, facebook and mobile. With Albert, they were able to identify quality leads and new members at scale while returning performance and ROI goals. He utilized Anastasia Dates historical data and creatives, to identify user trends and behaviors to maximize quick performance and scale efforts, including:

  • Dynamic budget allocation across channels
  • Creative and Messaging optimization
  • Autonomous Audience Identification


Within the first month of the campaign, the brand increased conversions by 600%, far exceeding any manual campaign they had run in the past. Albert’s efforts to invest only in high performing channels with multi variant micro-campaigns, helped the brand keep costs and investment low, lower than prior initiatives, while simultaneously increasing revenue. Conversion of leads to sales multiplied exponentially by 1000%.

About Anastasia Dates

Anastasia Dates is a global IT web product company known for their dating websites. What began as an introduction service in 1993 by marketing the service via print catalogues, is now a thriving global, online dating provider with multiple brands and six offices around the world. boasts over 1,000,000 members and 80 million online visitors annually.

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