Albert for Agencies

Meet Albert , the ideal partner for Agencies who want to help clients more effectively and efficiently increase reach, raise awareness and accelerate revenue growth.

With Albert on your team, you can offer clients a holistic, innovative campaign approach from one single point of execution, while delivering the most accurate investment decisions, every time.  Albert also offers agencies real-time access to meaningful, aggregated campaign insights and recommendations, enabling you to get from data point A to B quicker so that your clients can move faster and smarter.

Because our pricing model is pure SaaS (monthly software licensing fee), and media fees are a pass through cost with no mark-ups, agencies of all kinds can begin to offer a more progressive, transparent and value-based pricing model to clients.

Albert for Creative Agencies

  • Deliver unique, 1:1 consumer experiences through extreme creative experimentation
  • Augment your existing portfolio of services
  • Utilize an innovative, AI-based, cross-channel approach

Albert for Media Buying Agencies

  • Go beyond programmatic to the next-generation in marketing
  • Utilize an innovative, AI-based, cross-channel approach
  • Ongoing repository of fresh insights and meaningful campaign recommendations

Albert for Performance Agencies

  • Utilize a system that acts, reacts and evolves to your client’s data in real-time
  • New and deeper insights and recommendations to deliver to clients
  • Offer clients an innovative, AI-based, cross-channel approach

“What we’re finding is that he’s (Albert’s) able to work from the top of the funnel to the bottom and join those dots, which has allowed us to achieve unbelievable ROAS. We don’t know where the ceiling is, and we can’t wait to see how Albert can continue to accelerate and amplify our efforts.”

Naomi Simson Co-Founder of Big Red Group

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