Some questions we often get, along with some answers.

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What is Albert?

Albert is the first-ever artificial intelligence marketing platform that autonomously builds, optimizes, and measures your digital marketing campaigns. With Albert you can boost performance, reduce operational complexity, and spend more time focusing on creative and strategic activities.


What channels does Albert support?

Albert is purpose-built for multi-channel campaigns spanning across paid search (SEM), social media, programmatic display, and email.


Does Albert focus on paid or organic campaigns?

Albert is primarily a paid media solution. Email is the only non-paid component.


Does Albert focus on any specific area of the purchase funnel?

Albert is a full funnel solution supporting the entire funnel, from brand awareness to lead generation, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.


What does Albert optimize?

Everything. Albert’s optimization process is applied to all aspects of your campaigns, including budget allocation, audience and geographic targeting, creative matching and sequencing, bid management, and much more.


Does Albert execute campaigns, or just make recommendations and analyze results?

Execution is a core component of Albert’s value proposition. Your campaigns will be managed by Albert 24×7 so you don’t have to spend time configuring or optimizing your campaigns once Albert is launched.


Is Albert for B2C or B2B?

Albert is more compatible with B2C brands as they provide the awareness, scale, and transactional pace to fuel the learning and optimization process. Currently, pure brand awareness campaigns are the best fit for B2B brands.


Is there a minimum sample size of data or conversions Albert needs to learn?

There is no concrete minimum but Albert performs best in transactional environments where machine learning can be fueled by a consistent flow of data. Highly considered purchases and complex conversion cycles will not offer a sufficient feedback loop for Albert to learn.


Does Albert integrate with my DSP and ad server?

Albert has built-in DSP and ad serving capabilities, so there is no need to integrate with yours.


Is there a minimum campaign duration for Albert?

There is no minimum duration but Albert is designed to learn, evolve, and improve performance over time as learnings continue to accumulate. Burst campaigns are supported but should be paired alongside your evergreen efforts.v


Does Albert support all geographies and languages?

Yes. The Albert application interface is currently English language only, but Albert runs campaigns at a global level and can target audiences and inventory in any country or language.


What services are offered with Albert?

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success team to provide implementation services, account management, and ongoing customer support. These services are all included with Albert.


What doesn’t Albert do?

Albert does not define your strategy or develop your creatives. As a marketing practitioner you are responsible for setting the strategic direction for Albert to follow, including goals and the overall scope of your campaigns. You will also produce the creatives (Albert will optimize them). Albert will handle all of the computational and data-centric tasks associated with the optimization and measurement of your campaigns.